Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bukkake Boys - Self Titled ep

Bukkake boys hail from atlanta georgia. old school 80s hardcore in the vein of artifical peace , government issue, and the faith. Ep was released in 2009. Its the bands second release. Id appreciate seeing these dudes. Put out by sorry state. they always have great releases.

Cold Sweat- Severed Ties

From Seattle,Wa. They list their influences as "greg ginn/black flag and hate". Really fast angry shit. i think its pretty powerviolence esque. Formed in 2001 and disbanded in 2004 . Real quality shit. Members went on to Walls, Country Club, and Mens Interest . 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Organized Sports- Demo 7" 2010

Portland oregon hardcore for the punks. i dont personally think the void reference name does them justice because they sound nothing like void in my opinion. more heavy hardcore id say. sweet release id like to hear alot more. 

Omegas- Demo 7"

Omegas are a recent act hailing from canada. they have a real authentic 80s sound to them straight hardcore punk but they totally have their own sound. cant really describe it without making it sound really generic but here we go ....really tight fast riffs .really on point. 

MK-Ultra - Discography LP

MK-Ultra was a chicago hardcore band formed in 93' who broke up in 2000(?). These dudes were a pretty sweet outfit consisting of members of crudos as well as charles bronson. After the brake up MKU has continued sending extra tracks in compilations and has then released this lp. I hear there was a one time reunion show about 2 years in chicago ... probably some fest or something. I believe this was put out by youth attack.