Monday, February 28, 2011

vile nation- no exit ep

2008 ep from Tennessee dudes. vile nation is a really fast band that would make you think of early dri and neg fx even mixed with heresy styled drums. they recently released an ep but i personally think this ep is probably the best release theyve had. members of life trap. 

Self Conscious-Demo

Self Conscious is a philly hardcore band in the vein of old boston hardcore/nardcore bands. . great band great dudes. I think this is their only release so far but i hope for more.

Razor Fade-demo (2010)

Another sweet midwest band.I feel like every band i post is a midwest band. Chicagos razor fade is currently on tour from chicago . Def looking forward to the boston date. really sweet band . 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Urban Blight - Total War ep (2010?)

Hailing from Toronto Canada. Urban Blight is a real tight in your face hardcore band. They remind me alot of negative approach. They are playing out at that My Friends The Pit Fest in Indiana soon with awesome midwest bands. These guys get constant plays from me. I hope they put out some more releases . YOUR ABUSE YOUR ABUSE YOUR ABUSE! highly suggested.

Damage is Done- Demo (2011)

Damage is Done is a brand new band coming outta Zagreb,Croatia. I would assume the band name is a direct ripcord reference which should give you a rough idea how these guys sound. fast to the point no bullshit. dont
know much about it but all i know is it fucking rules.

Nerveskade- LP (2010)

Nerveskade hailing from portland oregon play in a fuzzed out distortion kinda sound. Based off the sound of the guitars youd expect some dis worship band but this band is alot more heavily focused on blast beats. Thats a breath of fresh air. D-beat is a dying fad. These guys are currently doing a tour in japan with D-Clone and I hear may be doing a west coast tour with Mauser. Disclose meets 80s hardcore.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Formaldehyde Junkies- St ep and are a total wreck ep.

Formaldehyde Junkies are a 80s hardcore worship band who isnt very active anymore. Their last show was aparently with career suicide no class cardiac arrest etc. this past april but since they have played in their home city of minneapollis with their new project condominium. Fjunkies for me i think is one of the best hardcore bands of the past decade because they really play hardcore well and have a unique sound to them. Im posting both eps because they are just pure essential. 5 star shit. 
Formaldehyde Junkies - self titled ep 
Formaldehyde Junkies - Are a total wreck e.p.

The Repos- Discograhy 2003-2008

 The Repos were a awesome hardcore outfit that was from the 03-08 era. Chicago punks doing hc in the vein of ss decontrol, negative approach, and septic death(maybe?) . really aggressive kind of hard to describe the sound. I hear that they are reunited as the ropes making new material. Ill give that a listen and probably review it as well.

Helta Skelta - Parasite (2010)

This is a recently discovered release found through friends. This band Helta Skelta is an Australian outfit containing guitarist Brandon of Extortion. Even though it has extortion members its not in the same vein. It has alot more of a punk sound rather than extortions fast paced hardcore sound. 3 tracks and a SS Decontrol cover. Cant go wrong here. Catchy as Hell

Much Worse- Proper Execute (2010)

Much Worse is fast hardcore group in the vein of 9 shocks terror ds-13 etc. I believe they have a new ep coming out soon on no way records(may already be out ) but this tape is a really great 2010 release. highly suggested.Minnesota always has killer bands.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Misled Youth -Demo 2010

This demos from Indiana locals Misled youth. Real fun group of guys . Demo is really hard hitting with no bullshit in between. Fast hardcore with some moshy parts. If your a midwester check out that fest. Wish i could make it out for that one.

Sweet Tooth- Japanese Void ep

St. Louis Hardcore. Great midwest band i got to see while in the area for the formaldehyde junkies last show. they had alot of energy live and were also really rad guys. Theres word of a east coast tour this summer which should be sweet. Personally I think it would take alot to top their demo but this ep is still a total rager.

Migrane - Weird Tales EP (2010)

Migrane is a super fast hardcore outfit with alot of feedback. From the same scene as the Ecoli dudes. Members of Snuff film im told. I personally like this alot more than snuff film.Super Fast  Really good .

The Boston Strangler - Outcast demo 2010

This is boston locals the boston strangler. A recently extremely hyped band consisting of members of social circkle,blank stare,scapegoat,anxiety, etc. They have a old boston hardcore sound in a very authentic way. No way records has recently just rereleased this as their first tape release so far and aparently it came with a free pin. sweet deal. sweet band .

School Jerks - Nothing Else ep

This next blog is a follow up for the last one. This is torontos own School Jerks. .These guys are a fast band with a very 1981 kinda sound to them sounds really tight. give it a listen.

Culo- Nuke Abuse EP

My first review is a current favorite hailing from the suburbs of chicago. Culo is band formed i believe in 2010 could be 2009 even not sure who blend old school midwest hardcore with a tinge of 77 punk. No frills tons of fuzz top 5 for 2010 .Currently on tour in the west coast with torontos School Jerks . Your missing out.